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Who We Are

Welcome to Walking with Poets! We are a tourism company created by Luke Jaime offering London sightseeing tours with a poetic twist. Combining decades of experience in the city with original recorded poems, Walking with Poets takes you to iconic monuments, through busy squares, and into quiet cultural dens while you have the freedom to explore independently with step-by-step instructions on your phone.

We will be launching very soon with our West End walking route in two parts. Check out the video above for a taste of what you might see on our tours. In the coming months we will be running beta testing and gathering feedback to make sure we're giving the public something they can be excited about.


If you'd like to get involved in the tests and be the first to hear about our exciting news then please sign up to our mailing list. Alternatively, you can reach out to us on our Instagram which will be linked below.



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